The Ironmen Foundation
Helping the Innocent Victims of War

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A Step Closer Toward Accomplishing Our Mission
In September, 2014 The IronMen Foundation took the next step toward accomplishing our mission. After long months of diligently pursuing the many avenues by which we can administer the scholarship funds entrusted to us, IronMen Foundation came to the realization that our all-volunteer organization was not able, at this point in time, to accomplish all the tasks necessary to complete the scholarship process yet without incurring administration costs. It was at this point that we elected to forge a Strategic Partnership with Folds of Honor Foundation, another not-for-profit organization funding scholarships to military families. Folds of Honor has the infrastructure in place to accomplish all the scholarship tasks. By forging this Strategic Partnership, The IronMen Foundation is able to award all our funds through Folds of Honor. By years' end we will partner with Folds of Honor in awarding our first scholarships. IronMen Foundation and Folds of Honor will be awarding both Immediate Use and Future Use 4-year scholarships. We are excited to be contributing to the educational goals of our heroes' children.
Boy Receiving Flag from Soldier

Photo by Aaron Thompson, The Daily News Journal
– Courtesy of The Tennessean

Our heroes have suffered.
Their children have suffered, too. 

The IronMen Foundation's sole purpose is to help them.


n the War on Terror alone, thousands of children have lost a military parent. When a parent is gone, so too is the congratulations from a proud dad after a Little League game. Gone are the heart-to-heart conversations after tough days at school. Gone is the nurturing advice from a Mom or Dad about troubles with a boyfriend or girlfriend. What's more, years later, gone is the families ability to provide for a higher education. 

The IronMen Foundation can't take away the pain, but, with the help of appreciative, caring Americans like yourself, we can minimize the loss by providing for our heroes' childrens’ the college educations they desire and deserve.. That is the sole purpose of The IronMen Foundation.

We shamelessly solicit your participation in our efforts on behalf of these kids. 

We have pledged our efforts to raise funds for these scholarships. Our first effort was the building of the hot rod we called Metal of Honor.

Who We Are

The IronMen Foundation was founded in 2007 soley for the purpose to Provide Scholarships to the Children of Slain and Disabled U.S. Warriors. We are simply a group of American Patriots, from all walks of life.

Our Vision was to do something significant to support American Heroes' Families.

Our First Project was the construction of a very special automobile ... the "Metal of Honor"

We invited businesses in the Hot Rod industry to partner with us to build the car so we could:

  1. Capture the Attention of the American People;
  2. Dramatize the Educational Dilemma of the Children of our American Heroes;
  3. Tour a Car made from the Excellent Products of our Donor Partners—the Manufacturers who make the best products in the Hot Rod industry;
  4. Create a desire to own this car;
  5. Raise as Much Money for Scholarships as Possible in an Auction.

Our Board of Directors all serve voluntarily. We invite our friends, fellow church members, acquaintances, hot rod lovers, business owners, civic leaders, military personnel, government officials and celebrities to join us in this cause.

This will put it all in perspective ...

Out of our common desire to do something for America and our Military Families, the IronMen Foundation presented ...

A 1932 Ford Roadster

This 1932 Ford Roadster, honoring our Fallen Heroes, was built by The IronMen Foundation. It toured America throughout 2011 on its way to the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ in January 2012. The car was purchased for $150,000 at the auction. The proceeds from the auction will fund scholarships for the children of our slain and disabled warriors.

Built from brand new parts generously donated by American companies, it was built in Island Lake, IL ... in space donated to us by Custom Classics Restorations ... totally by the hands of IronMen Foundation volunteers. The car was built to the specs of Ford designer John Caswell. Stunning, in shades of green the car honors the men and women who have stood in harm’s way to defend our freedoms.